How to apply for VTU crash course

Howdy VTU souls!

So many guys were confused regarding the steps to be followed in order to apply for VTU crash course. Here is the pattern you should follow to apply.
The fore most thing to be considered here is the application forms you should submit to college.
You have to submit two application forms in your college.
1. Application form which we have given below.


2. Format of Notary stamp paper duly signed by lawyer or any government advocate.

Here is the steps you should follow:

  1. Meet head of department of your branch and ask for format of E-Stamp form which is being given in all Engineering colleges with a specific format.
  2. Download the application form or just get a print of image posted above.
  3. Then you have to get an E-stamp paper typed with your name and college as well as get it signed by advocate.
  4. To make things simpler, go to any taluk office near your locality and get it signed and everything done for just 300 rupees.

More information regarding crash course:

Crash course has already begun in all Engineering colleges and those who have exams now can absolutely attend exams and try to attend crash course classes as much as possible and the new information which we have received is as follows

  1. Crash course will be done for 7 weeks hence the entire syllabus will be completed in this duration.
  2. Until the crash courses are finished, no classes will be held for other students.
  3. Crash course will be there on Sunday and Saturday too. 😟😟😟
  4. Daily 10 hours of teachings shall be carried out in order to finish the syllabus. 😑😑😑
  5. Fees shall be paid only after the results of eligibility and do not pay any kind of fees to your college now.
  6. The last date to submit your application is 31st December, 2016. So don’t delay and make things happen real quick.

We will update more information when we receive, stay tuned.


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  1. kiran

    What is the rule for gaining eligibility for the higher sem…
    Any 4 subjects including gate
    Gate should be cleared..

  2. anonymous

    Bro,I’m 2013 batch,I got 2 yearbacks is this applies for me.
    I av 7 subjects backs.
    Help me out😑

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Yes it applies, you have to get eligibility first to apply for crash course. 🙂

  3. Sagarika

    Hey, any update about when will the 5th sem exams be?

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      After crash course, ie., beginning of Feb.

      • Anonymous

        Bro I should be in 8th sem now but I got two critical subjects of 2nd get crash course I should clear that subjects??or I can carry that?

  4. sneha

    for cbse students it is applicable

  5. akshit

    for normal students whn vl class start fr 6 sem. and for yb students we have to pay fees of 5sem after our result . right ?

  6. Shravan

    Our college said no colleges on saturday and sunday!!

  7. Anonymous

    Vtu didnt official give the announcement tht ve gonu conduct the crash course,bt ur teling it nw.i,had one subject criti,and thought of clearing in the nxt sem,wt the hell I shd do nw?vtu didnt tel ths issue I lost the chance of crash course.change the rule,its NT a it so tht evn a single student shd NT get affected….tq

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      My dear anonymous, I have posted this news before one month only and its your fault to ignore this. Don’t blame anybody now.

  8. Vikash

    Can you post the filled affidavit copy for reference

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Please ask for the same in your college, format may vart from college to college. I will surely upload tomorrow for reference.

  9. sandhya

    Shravan bro what is the rule to get eligibility in 8th sem? i hv 6 backs including 1 criti subject to get eligible criti subject should be cleared or what plz reply

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      You should clear all the criti and there should not be more than 4 backlogs.

  10. sandhya

    If criti subject not cleared then?

  11. Ashwini

    Hey please inform us when will we have the exams after crash course that is for the semester we have missed.

  12. Nithin

    Bro I have a a back log of M1 but dint apply for the exam is there any option now can I apply for crash course please reply asap

  13. Abhijith sai reddy

    In our collage they are asking to pay collage , without collage fee they are not allowing for course lot happening in our collage plz help me

  14. Pavan Kumar

    Some one say 5th and 6th semester will be conducted at a time it’s true or false tell me and explain how to apply crash course tel me

  15. manu

    Hello bro, in the circular they didn’t notice the last date to submit undertaking letter, and second thing is in e stamp we got the e stamp from any government cooperative Bank that set I our college they didn’t ask for government layer sign

  16. Erickson

    Bro! Admitted to ____________ programme?
    What should we write here…?
    And Academic year __________?
    Like if I was admitted to college on year 2013..
    Then How should i write it….?
    Plz reply urgent…
    Many of my classmate’s made mistake and neither do our college People Know to Correct Procedure….

  17. asd

    How relevant is your information about crash semester exams being conducted on February itself? My collage principal said exams will be conducted on June/July along with even semester. It means that we have to attend all 16 papers together along with back logs (excluding criti). Please care to comment on this!!!

  18. Vivi

    You’ve been very kind and answering all our questions I hope u answer mine too the thing is rumours are goin on like results for the year back student will be sooner than regular is it true and I hope the corrections goes precise and not failing us again pls update me sharvan thanks

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Don’t worry, they won’t fail intentionally, education system has not gone that bad!
      But yes your papers will be valuated first and results will be announced in few days.

  19. Ravi

    Hello Shravan, thanks for this man!!!
    I have one more question if you don’t mind, earlier there was a circular from Vtu which said all year back students answer booklets are to be collected separately sent and scanned.
    Do you happen to have any idea why?
    Is it because our results will be announced sooner?
    Any idea?
    Thanks once again!

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Yes, that is because those who have criti and year back, papers will be valuated with first preference and results will be announced in second week of January.
      You need not to worry. 😅

  20. Ravi

    Thank you for all the help!
    Wish you a very happy new year 2017!

  21. ram

    i dnt paid the fee so what should i do now will it be still available tomorrow?

  22. Veena

    which program?? what we should write there??

  23. vishal

    hai…. im not given any bond to the college
    .suppose i will clear all gate paper. without given the bond can i attend the 8 sem classes…. pls give me the suggestion

  24. touseef

    Some mistakes in the affidavit is negligble or not??

  25. Anonymous

    i had m2 backlog as a criti subject if i don’t clear it but if it’s gets cleared in revaluation then wil i be eligible to write 5th sem exams and attend the crash course?? shravn please reply

  26. vivek

    if i don’t clear my criti subject after the announcement of the dec/january results but if i get the subject cleared after revalation results then will i be eligible to write the 5th sem exams ??

  27. Anonymous

    if i don’t clear my criti subject after the announcement of the dec/january results but if i get the subject cleared after revalation results then will i be eligible to write the 5th sem exams ??shravan please reply at the earliest ..thanku

  28. Arham

    @sharv : I had 3 backlogs.. 2 from 6th sem nd 1 from 4th.. I haven’t attended 1 exam of 6th sem.. Will this be affected ? Will I b eligible if I clear my criti subject?

  29. akshitha

    I have 5 back subjects n I have written exam this time…. bt i m not attendin crash course bcz I want tu join with cbsc students… is dis possible???

  30. Ajay

    What happens for the backlogs students who were not informed before the starting of exams?

  31. Anonymous

    Wht are the requirements for apply notary plz give me idea

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