You can still get a better aggregate in vtu

Howdy everyone!
After taking many turns in announcement of 3rd and 4th semesters,finally results are announced for all semesters except for first year,you guys might be busy in applying for revaluation to increase your overall aggregate of engineering percentage.
So today i’m writing a post about how your aggregate percentage of engineering is calculated.Actually there are many things students do not know about how VTU calculate final aggregate percentage of your engineering course.So i’m writing this post on behalf of many students who don’t know about VTU’s most probably unknown criteria of calculating your engineering percentage.
First things first.According to many students your engineering aggregate percentage will be calculated as an average from 1st sem to 8th sem including first attempt results only.But how many of you really know that VTU don’t consider your first 4 semester results for your final aggregate percentage?
Shocking isn’t it?
But yes,It is true, VTU do not consider your 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th semester results for final aggregate percentage calculation.Only percentage of 5th,6th,7th and 8th semester will only be considered.Because since engineering is a technical course we do not study any subjects related to these in first two years.
Now question arises…
What if I failed in first 4 semesters?
Will they include these percentage also?
No,they do not.Even if you failed in any of first 4 semesters.Worry not.Only percentages from 5th semester will only be considered.

Engineering is a game in which you will either ‘win’ or ‘lose’.So play wise!

So if you are a student with very bad academic grades in first 4 semesters, you still have a time to cope up with your studies and dive in to the compitition.surely you can make your final aggregate better by studying well from 5th semester.

PS:Do not ignore any semesters.VTU might be interested in 3rd and 4th year results.But less aggregate in any semester can create a bad impression in your resume.

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  1. renjithregi

    I agree with the facts that you have mentioned. But, you should also keep in mind that all universities abroad consider the percentage from 1st sem to the last sem for overall aggregate. Also all the bschools in the country do the same too. For most of the organisations and jobs in the country, the aggregate is considered from 1st to 8th sem. So it is always best to focus on improving your percentage throughout engineering.

    • Shravan kumar

      Yes I totally agree with you,I have mentioned it in post to score well in all semesters.Actually I have written this post to motivate students who scored less in first two years.

      • Akshay

        Thanks! Actually my grades are around 50 % for 1-4 sem then i also got Yearback!!
        when i got to 5th sem i still had few backs like Signals and Systems , but 7the and 8th semester i scored an FCD 72 percent each , and final 5-8 is , 62 percent? is it any better? of my scoring FCD last 2 or all in vain .. as 1-8 is 55

        • Shravan kumar

          Bro, aggregate does not matter, do something you love and work hard in that. Success will follow you.

          • jeet

            shravan my case is similiar to akshay. i have a year back after 4th sem.for an example if i score well in rest sem and get a aggregate more than 60%. how that yearback is going to create problem. if i go for higher studies does that yearbck reflected in my result is going to cause me any trouble to get admission in good institution??
            please help

  2. Rohit Vicky

    Hi. I am a bit confused with the resume thing … Can anyone please help me out. I have 58% from 1st to 8th semester, and 63% from 5th to 8th semester. I don’t know which one to mention in my resume. Some of my friends say to mention 63% and some say 58%. Can anyone tell what am i suppose to mention. Thanks ūüôā

  3. avinash

    Sir my marks from 1st to 8th seem in first attempts are 59.80%.. I had only 1 back which I already cleared. When I include that back paper marks my aggregate becomes 60%. So my doubt is that which on of above marks are my exact aggregate as most of the companies asks for 60%

  4. anon

    Does it apply for cbcs pattern?

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