VTU took Action on 10 irresponsible professors and brought new resolutions

After a lot of mishaps in VTU, finally all those culprits who were the reasons for these irregularities has been punished and still investigations are going on. According to the latest official sources aѕ mаnу аѕ around 10 professors working іn both government аnd private engineering colleges affiliated tо Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) hаvе bееn debarred frоm tаkіng uр answer script evaluations further оr аnу оthеr confidential work оf thе university fоr up to twо tо thrее years bу thеіr administrations /managements as there are many irregularities are found which made students to rage against the versity and followed by various protests by ABVP and NSUI.

And also anоthеr 25 tо 30 professors аrе lіkеlу tо be suspended and face thе ѕаmе punishment аѕ thеіr cases аrе coming uр bеfоrе thе VTU administration оn Thursday morning ie., 20th October 2016.

Inside sources has confirmed the suspension and thе VTU hаѕ also issued а circular tо аll іtѕ affiliated colleges principals аnd regional centres tо route аll students grievances thrоugh thе office оf thе concerned principal. Thе VTU аlѕо warned оf tаkіng disciplinary action іf thеіr wеrе false statements оr allegations.

NOTE: Another round of revaluation has been ended on 20-10-2016

We can also recall latest incidents where students’ Delegation had a Round Table Conference with

  • Dr Karisiddappa, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, VTU,
  • Dr Shekharappa, Registrar (Evaluation), VTU, &
  • Dr. Jagannatha Reddy, Registrar, VTU



The meeting witnessed very straight forward & frank discussions among the delegates & officials regarding highly confidential facts & issues of Evaluation System, Fee Structure, Scholarships, Quality Education, etc.
Important outcomes of the meeting are as follows :

  1. Immediate formation of a GRIEVANCE CELL to address ALL GENUINE ISSUES regarding Valuation System, Year Back, Attempted Questions but marked as not attempted, Large Variation of Marks after Revaluation, etc.
  2. Open day meet every Month with the Hon’ble VC & both the Registrars of VTU wherein, Any VTU student can approach them & put forward their issues.
  3. Maximum number of years for completion of Engineering: Increased from 8 years to 10 years.
  4. New Online System for Profile of Professors– wherein detailed record of Each Professor will be made available & their Exam Evaluation Status.
  5. Reduction of Challenge Revaluation fees for M.Tech Students to be done very soon.
  6. Revision of Exam fees for B.E. students.
  7. Proper implementation of Scholarships for Students.
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  1. Sweety

    Guys please it’s our sincere request please remove the year back system at least we are not asking for unnecessary things we have faced almost the very bad situation till now with Vtu at least u compare other students who are shining and they don’t make stupid decisions like vtu please stop playing with life of students how difficult parents feel to pay the fees but each and every year u make some r the other mess so many of them lost their LG just because of 1 r two subjects please pass all of them at least 2014 scheme who suffer lott with the new syllabus and with different marks cards many are depressed their is nothing wrong in passing students Ur providing a new life n new opportunity please help them at least to all the students who have put for grievances you just pass them even if they r wrong r write for the dareness they have made and the stupid thing university has committed they have 1 month time yet to continue 5th sem

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      There are still protests going on, still hope is there. 😑

  2. Ravi

    First of all
    In 100% Students Only 10% Students Know The Suffering. Remaining people are Only Living Selfishly.
    Take the Protest For Example. There Were Only Few Students. Where Are the Rest Of Them?
    Does This Really Change the System? Hell No!
    When Students Unite Then Only VTU Cares!

  3. Manjula

    Can the parents join. If so we are ready to join.

  4. Shaik

    Please stop this nonsense stuffs like year back …bcoz of this YB students r committing suicide at least pass them ….

  5. Jeet

    How vtu is going to annouce the result of those student who faced grievance in evaluation and have forwarded their case according to the circulation.

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Valuation will be done by experienced lecturers and i hope most of the students may get justice this time. Hope for the best. 🙂

      • Jeet

        How are they going to announce the result.we have to check online or they r going to inform college. Also when the result is gonna come .do u have any ifea about it shravan

        • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
          Shravan kumar

          They will announce it online, the revaluation is going on already and it will be out in few days. We will update here as soon as we get the information about it.

          • Jeet

            Shravan my college is saying they got a mail from vtu ” The grievance send by u is false and the old vtu result is to be considered” Around 12 people applied for grievance stuff not even one is considered THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE. I think some blunder is done in college level can u help me out bro

          • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
            Shravan kumar

            Are you sure about it?
            Because as far as I know results are not sent to college yet.

          • harshith

            What is the process for again applying for revaluation

          • Jeet

            Guys all that grievance stuff is a joke a dirty game vtu played with us, Result is out .From our college 12 people applied for recheck,they have forwarded a common mail to pricipal stating that”All the grievance all false and old result is to be considered” that notification was swnd only to stop the strike a planned dirty game. Ttha’s the reason they didnt upload anything about thay grievance stuff at vtu official site.RESULT ARE OUT ENQUIRE UR CLGE NO ONE HAS PASS

          • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
            Shravan kumar

            As far as I know, none of students has passed. Same notification has been sent to all colleges saying, previous results has to be considered.

          • Anonymous

            shravan when will the result be out ?
            bcoz semester is ending and there is lot of confusions too.. so can i know how long does it take for the results to be out?

          • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
            Shravan kumar

            Grievance results are already announced. Do ask in your college.

  6. harshith

    What is the process for applying again for revaluation;
    I want to confirm that i applied correctly for it

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      There is no process for that unfortunately. Results will be sent to your college priniapal soon. 😑😑😑

      • harshith

        In our college they took only a letter thats all from me ;
        Is that enough for applying again revaluation

  7. Anonymous

    Is grievance result out?

  8. Rakz

    Is grievance result out?

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Not announced yet as far as I know.

      • Anonymous

        Are you sure results not yest announced. please please confirm from your sources.

      • ashish

        please confirm when results will be announced/ please please help

        • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
          Shravan kumar

          Already announced Ashish. Please do ask in your college.

      • Jeet

        Results are out they have not checked the paper. to all the clge they have send a common mail that no grievance has been accepted. The notification of grievance was send to stop the strike..VTU IS PLAYING A DIRTY GAME WITH US

        • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
          Shravan kumar

          I knew that this would happen, they just wanted to take enough time to push these strikes off the way. They did it.

      • Anonymous

        When. It will going to announce

  9. harshith

    When will be the results

    • mmm

      Is results are out ;
      Few colleges have announced they are saying

  10. Anonymous

    When grievance result announces?

  11. ashish

    results announced?? pls pls help and confirm.

  12. Anonymous

    Grievance result out?

  13. ...

    Even for me also they are saying

  14. Anonymous

    Any idea about when the grievance result will be out?

  15. shakir

    Still grievance result nt cme in my they r told still 2days they r telling

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Yes same in my college too.
      May be they are sending results in college wise.

      • shakir

        i thnk so

      • shakir

        U r frm which clg

  16. shakir

    in my clg they r telling still 2days

  17. Varsha

    Even n my clg dey r telng sam thg no updates . wen vl dey announce sharvan its too bad .

  18. Anonymous

    In my college too they haven’t announced yet. Have every other college announced? Please let me know

  19. Anonymous

    I’ve applied for challenge revaluation.. any news about the results??

  20. Anonymous

    I’ve applied for challenge revaluation.. please tell when the results will announce.. :((

  21. shakir

    Any clg grievance result is come or nt plz tell

  22. vishal

    i asked my college today they told me it will be decided by 19th… but dont know what action they will take. they suggested me to go to vtu regional office and show my revaluation application as i had no received my photo of answer which i applied for.. i have yb.. its so confusing

  23. Anonymous

    Do anyone know why they are delaying challenge revaluation results?? It’s almost the end of semester and still results not announced 🙁 The best university in the world !!

  24. Mayur

    I have a yb and I have applied for challenge revaluation. Any idea about the results?

    • Arvind

      how did u apply for challenge revaluation? our college says that there is no provision for it…
      how can i apply

    • Anonymous

      Even I applied for challenge revaluation.. but no idea about the results waiting waiting and still waiting.. hope they’ll announce before the last day for paying exam fee!

  25. Anonymous

    Is there any possibility of coming grievances results or not? Should we pay our exam fees along with arrears or still wait for the result??
    VTU acts so ignorantly. Hardly 5 days are there for paying exam fees and still results are withheld.
    Have you people paid the exam fees or still waiting??

    • Anonymous

      I doubt tat the results ‘ll be out… Don’t have hopes…just go pay ur back ppr fees

    • Mayur

      I am still waiting.. but no idea when it will be out.. what to do?

  26. PPP

    in my college oso..der s no news abt d results…😞

  27. Arvind

    our college says that it did not get the greviance result…enquired it today…
    when will we get it…? i have applied for all tge subjects…hope i can change it later, can i?

  28. ...

    Wat about 2014 grievances results pls say anthing about this shravan

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Grievance results will be sent to your college principal brother, please do ask in your college.

  29. Varsha

    Did u gt ur result saravan . my clg principal said he had nt t stl gt d result itseems

  30. Varsha

    Dey r jus palyng fool wit us

  31. Shashank

    They didn’t publish the results for every individual student. Vtu just circulated the same message to almost all the colleges saying that results are verfied and they are no changes in any of the students marks. It’s totally being fraud. I asked to almost 10colleges and none of them agreed that any of their students passed through grievances results. Vtu sent the same notice to every college and now every student has to pay the money(5000) as it was promised while applying for grievances results. If any of you have faced the same, please do share it and let us know about getting victimised by the VTU.

  32. Anonymous


  33. Varsha

    None of them passed. Fak circular

  34. Jay

    Did u get reslts

  35. Jay

    Did u get rslts

  36. Jay

    Did u get rslts

  37. Jay

    Its all fake

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