VTU results will be delayed this time.

The latest news about the crash course, rescheduling of examinations, as well as recent changes in VTU valuation system, is entirely amazed the students as these changes are going to make a huge bump in the varsity’s rules and regulations.
As you guys know, exams are already over, and everyone is waiting for the results.
Especially those students waiting to get eligibility and attending the crash course is obviously in a dilemma. Because only after getting qualification they are allowed to next semester.
If you don’t know about the eligibility criteria for a crash course, check the article here.

The latest update about the results may be going to make you tense a bit. Because results are going to get delayed this time. The reason is obvious because vice chancellor justified the delay in the recent press meet.
For reference, you can have a glance at below information.


From past few years, answer papers were usually scanned and sent to lecturers online for a valuation from a private company known as mind logic. But this time, various unpredicted circumstances led to the outrage of students and irresponsible valuation from lecturers as well and resulted in the dismissal of 10 professors.

So obviously we can predict that the valuation process is going to take ample of time. Speaking to the press vice chancellor of VTU, Dr.Karisiddsppa said that VTU is going to use the government provided software this time for scanning and also importing of machines for the same is still in progress.

Since the process is still on going, valuation has not yet started, and this made students worry a lot. As VTU also gave one more chance to students who got the year back in the past, crash course classes have begun, and students are eagerly waiting for results.

Update: Classes for regular students will commence from February 13th as recently updated by principal of DSCE, hence please wait till we get official confirmation, we will update here as soon as we get official update regarding the same.

So stay tuned and we will let you know the latest updates as soon as we get them. 🙂


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  1. Pradeep

    Hi shravan I have a doubt.i have written 5th SEM exam now along with 2 backlog subjects from 4th SEM.i had a total of 3 backs of 4th SEM and I have written 10 out of 11 exams in this semester.if I fail in 5 subjects(1 is m4 and rest 4 are 5th SEM subjects) when I get the results during February,am I eligible for the 6th semester? Please reply asap.thanks.

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      This is odd sem brother, even if you fail in all subjects, no need to worry.
      You can clear next time. No issues.

      • Pradeep

        Are u sure bro? Because many of my friends are having different opinions about this. That’s why I asked u.

        • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
          Shravan kumar

          You gotta worry about backlogs in even sem, not odd sem.
          Yearback happens only during even sem. Chill.

          • Pradeep

            Thank you so much bro.I always follow ur blog.Feel free to check mine.

      • Anonymous

        Hi …i hav joint mca this year..if i hav more thn 4 back in first sem can i join second sem..or wll i hav year back..

    • Anonymous

      yeah for entry to final year u should clear all subjects from 2nd year and more than 4backlogs

  2. mshilpa

    Sir cbcs syllabus don’t have year back no

  3. Vedika kumar

    Hi this is vedika Kumar from ksit Bangalore is the backlog system removed for the 2016-17 batch students

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar


      • Thanu

        Why cbcs students also should get a chance to write exam in Feb as other students are getting cez 2014 students also had module wise and 2015 bach also but dey are giving chance to only 2014 bacth not for 15…its not fair …tht student life is also getting spoiled….plzz reply to diz with justified ans

  4. Vivi

    Is the evaluation gonna get bad even more after changing the system?! But some said arrear pappers are separately corrected and results will come very soon for them.sad news sharvan thanks for the update

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Valuation will be liberal this time, VTU has truly realised previous mishaps and they don’t want all these to happen all over again.

  5. arjun

    Vtu souls is better than Vtu website good work shravan …dude I had 7backlogs(3&4sem) I wrote 5 subjects & was absent for 2 subjects since I was absent for 2 subjects will this affect eligibility for crash course please reply bro …I am worried……my college is saying since u r absent for 2 subjects u won’t get eligibility even if u pass remaining 5 subjects…..please reply

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      You don’t have to worry, if you get eligibility, you are good to go.
      Just get eligibility, that is enough.

  6. Ajah

    Hello friends . This is Ajay . I need to clarify one thing. Is the gate system is cancelled or any 4 backlog is given. As i am studying 2010 scheme. I need to get eligible for 7th sem..

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      No information regarding gate subjects. Please do contact your college faculty for more information.

  7. mshilpa

    No they removed only 2010 batch. I’m asking about 2015 batch cbcs. Because now I’m second year

  8. nagaraj

    Macha ITC exam yavaga

    • Anonymous

      Over macha gotilva ?

  9. Anonymous

    Any information is there regarding results when results will be announced of crash course

  10. Ajay

    Do v need to write internals during this crash course,if not then how does the internal marks assigned

  11. Anonymous

    It is applying for 2015-16 batch CBCS students or not

  12. RC

    How u know the valuation will be liberal this time?

  13. xxxx

    My 8th sem clasess starts from 23rd jan.. Shouldi attend now???????..ive written the exam of my critical subject and still crash course hasn’t started…so pls clear my doubt Shravan !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Raji

    Vl ty announce the result soon fa tose wo r waitin fa d eligibility or even tat reslt vl dely??

    • suraj

      shravan pls contact us through tat number pls , v r waiting for Ur help…!

  15. Ashish

    Bro my question is when ll they conduct exam for crash course student ?

  16. Gayathri Mallya

    Respected sir,
    Sir my name is Gayathri, i got direct admission as a lateral entry ie drct to 3rd sem for Mca course but still I didn’t understand for valuation this time whether the correction will be done by scanning process or manual process and also provide us the result through text SMS and also pl tell when will be result announce with the date?pl reply soon sir…

  17. suraj

    those students who are will to get into crash course after got double year back from 2014 scheme to pursue 2nd year are requested to join this what’s app group ,which is created by nusi team , lets join are hands to save our friends(2014) from double year back with this small help….!
    whatsapp= +91 70223 86589( intention is to get at 2014 admission students into crash course for 3rd,5th,& 7th sem) pls let help

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Create WHATSAPP or Facebook group. And mention the link in next comment, I will post in my Facebook group. So that everyone can join.

  18. shashi

    Sir want to go to 7th sem but my m4 sub is only one is back iam passed 3 times iam getting 35 but internal average is 9 only if I not passed that sub I will go to 7th sem r no?

  19. Rakeshkumar Kori

    Bro when ll be 8th sem results..?

    • Anonymous

      On 10th Feb

  20. Rakeshkumar Kori

    when ll be 8th sem results..?

  21. Sowmya

    Hi sharvan…I ve a doubt…actually I ve not done ma criti sub well …I don’t thk so I’ll pass so I ve not filled affidavit….if I pass dat sub latr can I fill tat affidavit n attend d classes?????plz reply….. Ll be waiting

  22. Ajay

    sir any idea when results will come out for December January 2016??

  23. Ss

    2014 double Yb students and 2015 scheme students nsui is helping us to get justice , join what’s app group. https://chat.whatsapp.com/HMScH89UHFAFBUvgEuCHMJ

  24. shakir

    when will be the result of back log student

  25. Avinash

    After I gain eligibility will they allow to clear previous backlogs along with odd Sem subjects?

  26. Ravi

    Hi Shravan, I’ve written exams and am attending the crash course now. If you have any idea could you throw some light on the following questions I have,
    When and how will our results be announced, that is Dec Jan 17 exam results for arrear year back students?
    When and how will the 5th/7th Semester Exam be conducted for us?

  27. Veena

    What about crash course students.. when will be results announced..

  28. Karthik

    When will be the 8th sem results announced?

  29. Anonymous

    hi in pg if v hav more than 4 back in first sem wll v be allowed to join 2nd sem..

  30. Anonymous

    wll first sem students hav year back if v fail in 4 sub in first sem…or vcan write it in second sem..

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