VTU postponed the examinations

UPDATE: Here is VTU Rescheduled exam time table 2016-17.

Hey guys, if you have prepared already for tomorrow’s examinations and shovelling answers to your brains one by one, hold on for a while!

VTU has postponed the exams which are supposed to be conducted on 03/01/2017 ie., today and 04/01/2017 ie., tomorrow. The reason is yet unknown precisely or assumed to be the death of Minister H.C.Mahadavapa. And yes the news is official.

But the catch here is as soon as the news gone viral in social media sites and when we tried to hit the official sources regarding this, website is offline as usual with the data base error. This is unbearable and students were disappointed again by this.


Still somehow we managed to get the official circular.

If you have any kind of doubt regarding the legitimacy of this post, refer to the circular.


And the postponed examinations will be conducted soon, the dates are yet to be announced. We will update once we know about it. And obviously we hate these postponements as this affects the students mindset and totally spoil their preparations. So let us know your reaction to this by commenting below.


As per the latest confirmations from VC, the issue is confirmed that the demise of Cooperation and sugar minister H.C.Mahadevappa. As the Chamarajanagar district announced holiday for all educational institutions, exams cannot be conducted separately  for Engineeering colleges situate in district. Even though VC justified the move, this is going to affect nearly 60,000 students and those who booked flights and train tickets are furious by this move.

The rescheduled dates will be intimated today by Vice chancellor. Stay tuned, we will let you guys know by evening.

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  1. Unnati Gupta

    So, Any idea when the exams will be held now ?
    Many students had booked flights on 5th Jan.

    • Chup bhosidike

      Bhenchod, dimag ka bhosda karne diya hai vtu ne, chutiye logo ke vajah se Australia ka plane ticket cancel karna padega. Motherfucking morons😬💩👊

      • Anonymous

        yo bro same here .they are mixing both politics and education together

  2. Anonymous

    Today it’s okay… But, tomorrow is unbearable… sensless VTU.

    • Sonia

      Stop using slangs @chupbhosidike no one on earth is asking you to do engineering ,bear the circumstances and situations that are unanticipated …..nothing is gonna change by your sensless words, even today you are free to go Australia no one is bothered manhhh!!!

  3. roshni

    Any update on next dates? Will it be conducted on 5th or 6th jan?

    • akshay korti

      6th ll nt b possble. Coz on 6th p cycle exms ll b conducted

  4. Ankith Shenoy

    Today it’s okay… But, for tomorrow it’s unbearable…
    Sensless VTU.

  5. Mahesh Rode

    Postponed when are conducted and 4-1-2017tomorrow exam when conducted please send me

  6. Kumar

    Is it true that exams are postponed

  7. Preethi.k

    When are the postponed exams conducted…..?

    • Rajveer sae

      May be

  8. nirmala

    its redeculous and irresponsible….

  9. Sahil Debnath

    I hate VTU like anything. If someone dies why should lakhs of students suffer. It’s not like they were our relatives or something. I am so goddamn pissed. Will they ever understand the frustration “WE” students have to go through. Seriously Unbearable & this is not the 1st time too.
    I had exam on 4th Jan.
    Very much disappointed. 🙁

  10. Anonymous

    VTU is really mad no need of postponing tomorrow exam .tomorrow i have exam i prepared nicely but very disappointed and no mood to study for next exam very very……… Bad vTU at please conduct 4 th morning exam on 9th morning that’s big help from vTU

  11. Pratibha

    Please conduct postponed exam on 9th jan 9:30 which is on 4th Jan 9:30please so many students booked tickets on 9th only please at least help the students in this manner

    • Pavanorton

      It’s not as your wish… is education

  12. Anonymous

    When will be the postponed exam 4/12/16

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

    Awesome news!
    We want at least 10 days holidays

  15. Anonymous

    Plz conduct the exam on Jan 9th … It’s helpfull for us …. So many students are waiting for that.. n they already book the tickets for hometown…So I kindly request you sir plz conduct as soon as possible…

  16. Anonymous

    Thanx for postponding….try to send d rescheduled date soon

  17. Krupa

    Plz conduct the exam on 9 th monday morning plzz it will be helpful

  18. arun

    Hey macha shravan when is our next itc exams. .plz update

  19. Ravi

    Stupid vtu… I had backlogs.. now I am sure I am gonna face sequential exams… 👿😫

  20. Nandan

    s please conduct on 9th plz try to understand

  21. MD NOOR

    plz conduct exam on 9th jan 2017 for CN I plz plz
    atleast do this much for students.

  22. Anonymous

    Really bro ..mad vtu

  23. Ragava

    Vtu bayige mannaka avara makamucchu bevarsigalu nam hotte hurstiralla

  24. Ravi Teja Y S

    VTU conduct the exam as soon as possible because it affects the outer state students who already booked their tickets to go home…….

  25. Anonymous

    Please conduct postponed exam on 9th or 8th morning for fifth sem regular one which on 4th morning. It’s very helpful for us plz sir we are waiting

  26. Shantanu kumar

    Very Bad decision….
    Lakhs of money of students will be wasted on this decision…atleast VTU should care about their students !
    There is no need of postponding tomorrow’s exam
    is cancelling the tickets of flights is a game ?????????
    they charge us too much money…..
    a waste decision….no student will be happy on such decisions !!

  27. Nagendra

    Plz send next exam date

  28. Praful

    Sir plz conduct exams as soon as possible. U have no idea how this affects us economically and emotionally. Plz reschedule the exam on 5 of Jan it’s totally ur responsibility. As I have already booked a lot of planned flight tickets onwards .just because of this death I m not ready to pay so much.plz plz plz reschedule the exam on 5 Jan.

  29. Anonymous

    Please conduct the exams as soon as possible 9th is suitable one..I think

  30. Rahul Ashok

    This is an unbearable situation for students. If a n important person dies today, then why there is holiday tomorrow. Those party people may tell easily that tomorrow will be Holiday but they don’t know how students suffer.
    First out beloved PM must take action about the students problems also which he says that we are the future of India.
    The exam which is postponed can be conducted on January 6th with the physics cycle students as the subject is different.
    But VTU won’t take these easy paths and crosses always the long path.

  31. Anonymous

    Please conduct the exam by 7 as many of them have booked the tickets for going home

    • shreyashwini.v

      atleast say when the exam is properly plzzz

  32. Anonymous

    Please conduct 4th afternoon exams by 9th as
    many have to go to their hometown and tickets are already booked

  33. Ayushi

    Plzzz conduct the exam before Jan 8….We hv already booked our tickets….Plzzz help us

  34. Keerti sangappa

    Plz decide the dates soonly so tat we gat prepare well

  35. Ramya

    Please conduct cn exam on 11 or 10th since we need some time to revise.please update the exam date soon as possible

  36. khan

    Plzz conducted on 8 jan…. of postpond exam of 4 jan… bcas. In 8 jan. .. sunday holiday.. no any exam in sunday..

  37. Aaaaaa

    It’s truly unfair…we have already booked tickets n I need to meet my sis before she leaves on 10th for abroad studies…they must have conduct it by 6-7..plzzz kind request to the authorities we shouldn’t suffer because of someone death…May his soul RIP

  38. shreyashwini.v

    plz conduct the exams on 6th of jan itself plzzzzzzzzzz becoz i have booked the tickets

  39. S M Ashish

    One idiot dies somewhere whom I didn’t even know all these days and now just because that guy dies all of us need to suffer. VTU, everyone!

    Some random person dies and we need to pay for it emotional and financially.

    Would never ever recommend anyone to join a VTU college in my life. Worst university I’ve experienced. VTU should be burned to the ground someday. Politics indulging in academics is never a good sign and I hope the people, with brains the size of a peanut, who are managing this “university” would understand this.

    • Anonymous

      Take a chill pill butt hurt princess .don’t call a person idiot when you didn’t know him.

  40. Anonymous

    Our deep condolensces to him, but THIS is not the way to do it.
    There are SO MANY students waiting to go home. SO MANY students who have booked tickets and it’s not a joke to pay extra and get them rescheduled. Money doesn’t fall from trees.
    There was absolutely no need to postpone the exam that was supposed to be held on 4/1/17.
    Before taking such decisions, THINK. Think about the plight of all your students who are struggling through this mess up.
    Try your best to conduct it before 8th, PLEASE.

  41. Anonymous

    Plz dn’t do postponed again Bcz it’s spoiled ur mindset nd plz tl me da date wen ur gng to conduct nd fix the date on 9th fr to conduct exam

  42. Anonymous

    I can’t even cancel my tickets,I have to cancel it before 4-6 hours,by this time i will be writing exm on 7th jan.8th morning I hve train.I’m gonna have too much of losses.
    Damnnnnn VTU.

  43. irannasutar

    Plz exam conducted in 9/1/2017 it’s humbled request ……

  44. Anonymous

    When they will conduct postponed exams ?

  45. vijay

    conduct the exam on 5th

  46. joel noronha

    dont conduct on 9 th v have m2

  47. Akash

    When is the exam tell fast

  48. Shivangi Singh

    It should be on 9th but mostly it’s on 13th😖

  49. Anonymous

    plz conduct the exam before 9th of jan

  50. Anonymous

    plz conduct the exam on 9th of jan.

  51. Anonymous

    Revised dates for today’s exam?

  52. Anonymous

    exam will be on 14 or 13ths or by 9th morning slot 80% confirm news , meeting held today on this issue , information will be out soon

  53. S

    reschedule should be as soon as possible

  54. Anonymous

    Plsz keep the exam on 5th or 7th.. No more delay plszz…

  55. SWATI

    I had studied well for Basic Electronics Exam today for 1st semester studying in BMSIT, but VTU has postponed this exam, but till today not announced the fresh date of exam.
    I request the VTU officials to announce fresh date of exam immediately, so that accordingly I will set my mind for preparation.
    Last year PUE Board had postponed the Chemistry exam.
    All are happening in our time only


    if there is any possibility to cinduct the exam before 9th …..

  57. manu

    plz conduct exam on 9th

  58. chandan ,kumar

    what about those students who already book his or her flight ticket to go there native they are in huge financia loss so i request to vc of this vtu university please make the posponded
    exam possible on 7th or 8th ,someone wants to go to meet there parents ,friends some one will suppose to go for attending his or her brother or sister mairrage ceromoney.

  59. Shub

    when will be the revised schedule be announced?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Domeister

    Bhosdike vtu, madarchod firse goa ka plan cancel😭

  61. Anonymous

    Plz conduct exam on 6th plzzzzz……

  62. Crystal

    Plzzzzz requesting u people to set the exam before 7th…..else we have to face great lossss…..plzzzzzzz

  63. Indian

    Plz conduct exams by 7th Jan….Already this decision had cause lot of loss to all the other state students..

  64. Anonymous

    Please conduct the postponed exam before 9 th jan which is on jan 4th morning please sir please….

  65. MD NOOR

    Its my humble request plz conduct exam on 9th 0r 10th jan 2017 for CN I.

  66. Swamy

    It is really madness of Govt and VTU, If some minister he is not related to Education expire on 3rd Jan so post phoned the exams of 4th JAN .. It is totally madness of Karnataka Govt .Many students booked their tickets to go to their home town or Vacation along with Parents ,,, it is totally not bearable . Are govt is bear the cost of cancellation of Tickets …?

  67. Anonymous

    Plz conduct electronics exam 7th or 9th,because v ppl already booked tickets for our native plz help us

  68. Ismail Mohammed Zikriya Shaikh

    respected sir,
    please vtu conduct the 4/1/2017 exam on 9/1/2017 it will be helpful to all the students..

  69. ooooooja

    plz conduct the exam as much as possible plz we are all waiting for the rescheduled date of exam plz update

  70. Anonymous

    Degree college ppl were given holiday yesterday afternoon.

  71. Profile photo of Shravan kumar
    Shravan kumar

    Here is official rescheduled time table link

  72. Chaithra

    Plz change postponed electronics exam date sir v ppl r already booked traintickets to go our native ,plz keep exam in between 7 to 10th date my humble request to vtu

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