Official declaration and circular by VTU regarding yearback and critical yearback cancellation

Hey guys,
Sorry if I’m interrupting your studies or putting a mild pressure with one more post, but I really have to write this as this is going to be something which you should obviously listen to.
I know how it feels to get scolding from parents for getting year back and how society looks towards year back students. You must have fed up with this education system.
So what are you thinking to do?
Shall I give you some relief?
No year back this semester if you get passed in this exams.
Yes! You read it right. No year back this semester if you get passed, I repeat, we have got official circular regarding Same.

It’s official, official, official.

You wanna see?
Here you go.






Just get passed somehow and get eligibility, you are good to attend classes from next semester.

Yes, you can attend classes from next semester with your friends.
That means you never had an year back at all.
Does that sound good?
1. Does it apply for me if I’m from CBCS scheme?
Oh dear, I know your frustration, but nah. It’s not applicable for CBCS scheme. I’m really sorry.
2. Does it apply for me if I’m from 2014 batch?
Yes! Good news for you. It applies for 2014 batch as students from 2014 batch will come under 2010 only.
3. Can I attend if I pass and get eligibility in this exams?
Obviously you can. But you should get eligibility somehow. At any cost.
Else you can’t.
4. Does it apply for both year back and critical students?
Yes, it does apply for both.
5. Is it official? Can I believe this?
Well, if you don’t believe this, I can’t do anything, I can’t convince either.
6. What should I do now?
Soon, I will update an application form, you guys should fill that and submit to your colleges, but at this moment don’t worry, still ample of time is there.
So go study.

CONCLUSION: Thanks for all the hate and abusive comments from past few weeks that I’m providing fake news and trying to make money.
At least now, can you see it?
Some guys said that they filed case on us, please proceed with it, we want to see you guys in court 😂😂😂
After all these mishaps. I just wanna say one thing to all of you guys,
VTUsouls is created for students like you and created by students like you.
We are not doing it for money, we are not spreading fake news. Rely on us. We are doing it cause we don’t want students to suffer. If this post brought a little confidence and smile on your face, our efforts have paid. That is enough.
Tell your parents that you will not get year back again and show them this update. Bring a smile on their face too.
Share the post and let everyone know about it.

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  1. nikhil

    I am 2014 batch 1Year i studied module system .. and 2 year unit system I have m2 back? please ans me

    • Anonymous

      Nimgu aiti pa

  2. Anonymous

    may god bless u.

  3. Anonymous

    i am a 2014 batch student i was having yearback last year now again im having yearback will this rule apply for me

  4. Pal

    Thank u vtu soul’s
    Thank u nsui
    Thank u shrav
    Thank u vtu

  5. Lokesh

    Bro i am frm 2014 scheme n got 2 years back in 1 am i eligible to go for 3 sem with this schem,if i get eligible this time..

    • Karan

      Same case here.
      But, I dont think we are eligible for this as the circular say its only for 5th and 7th sem.

  6. Ramya

    Why not for CBCS students?😢😢

  7. kushal

    Bro I am a 2014 scheme batch student
    I got year back in first year for the second time last June
    I just wanted to know if I clear all the first year subjects will I be eligible to go to second year.
    Please do reply

  8. Rahul

    Keep up the good work tq for the timely updates.. Plz guide us on what we have to do further

  9. Anon

    What happens if i clear the critical subject ( 4th sem ) and get a back in normal subject (6th sem ) will i get eligibility. I know its a silly wuestion but still they have not answered this question . The reason is i have two subjects back to back so i was thinking of clearing critical subject . Btw thanks for everything you have done shravan



  10. pacchu

    bro plzzz do reply em frm 2014 batch nd 2 years year back nd i have five back logs nw if i get elegibility il i be able to atten classes cn i gve an entry to second year

  11. raj

    bro plzzz do reply em frm 2014 batch nd 2 years year back nd i have five back logs nw if i get elegibility il i be able to atten classes cn i gve an entry to second year

  12. Anonymous

    is it true for b.arch also….its mentioned no where

  13. anonymous

    Where are all those people now who didn’t believe shravan ?
    God bless you shrav and thank u nsui ,vtu

  14. Shravan

    SHRAVAN “Gain eligiblity means”

  15. Anonymous

    Bro my exam starts from 26 and crash course starts the same time what to do please reply

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Don’t worry about it.

    • Vignesh

      Yaaa its impossible…. Same hea during exam time hw will they conduct crash course…. And within 7 weeks we have to study 6sub 2 lab 3 internals records……. Don’t know whats it

  16. Vinayak

    Shravan bro don’t worry..I believed in your post since from 29 Nov 2016..!!Bcz Iam an year back student under CS not only once after 3rd/4th sem I got year back with 6subs for 2yrs..However I cleared 4 sub n entered into 5th sem & also I done both 5th n 6th sem well up to one range by clearing 5th sem full n 2backs in having 6th sem but I suffered lot again at the end of 6th sem with 2 criti subs of 3rd sem..!!Now I’m having 1criti sub of 3rd sem for getting eligible to 7th sem..!!Im an 2011 batch lateral entry student & I already faced 3 yrs back so 2016-17 is an final academic yr for me..!!Now my life is almost returned back for me..!!Just tell me this circular applicable for me know?Just waiting for ur reply bro..!!

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Obviously it applies bro. Don’t worry. Clear that subject and enter next sem. ATB

      • Vinayak

        Thank u very much bro..!!

        • Veera

          Doubt! How to get eligibility?
          1)pass all subjects?
          2)pass critical subject and 1 or 2 normal subject fail is OK,? Cause I didn’t apply for 1 normal subject

  17. Vishwanath SD

    Studding 5th sem, have 4 backs of 3rd sem,
    How to move to next year?

  18. Ashwini

    Hey where is this in official website??
    Please anyone send link

    • punith

      search crash in you will get

  19. Anonymous

    Can a person studying under 2010 scheme now carry one subject of 3rd sem till 8th sem and write it in the 8th sem?
    Please reply…!!

    • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
      Shravan kumar

      Nah, you should clear it to get eligibility.

      • Sowmya

        Hi sharvan…I ve a doubt…actually I ve not done ma criti sub well …I don’t thk so I’ll pass so I ve not filled affidavit….if I pass dat sub latr can I fill tat affidavit n attend d classes?????plz reply….. Ll be waiting

        • Profile photo of Shravan kumar
          Shravan kumar

          I really don’t think so, cause classes started already for crash course, without attending classes how will you write exams?
          It might take another week or two for results announcement. Do file now and attend classes.


    Bro but all the exams are till Jan 9 .
    But in the circular they’ve stated that crash sem course is gonna commence from 26 Dec to 12 Feb what does this mean


    Shravan from where u got this notification
    Cant find it online

  22. Anonymous

    Dear shravan should I clear all subjects or minimum eligibility of 4 subjects to gain eligibility

  23. Jaya

    Now I was supposed to be in 3rd sem but I have 7 backlogs. Year back system is cancelled only for 5th and 7th sem huh? What about us who are writing the 1st year exams to get eligibility?

  24. vijay

    Hi shravan..I am 2013 batch… I have got an year back.. can I continue with next semester if I clear my critical subject?

  25. Anonymous

    Bro if I clear 1 out of 5 subjects do I have eligible or should I clear all subjects

  26. Viju

    I have one back in first year , 4 backs in 2nd year , 2 2nd year exams I have not attended if I pass first year subject I will get eligible or have to attend all 2nd year back subjects? To get get eligible

  27. anushku

    Bro,I’m 2013 batch got year back in 2015 and again once more I got year back,means totally 2 year now I av to go for 3rd year is this rule apply for me pls reply 😒😒😒😒😒
    They have mentioned that 2006-2010 batch I’m 2010 bacth so is it helpful for me I have 8 back logs if I clear 4 can I enter to 6th sem???

  28. Vivj

    does the eligibilty remain same…!! As in a person shouldnt have more than 4 subjects back…!! Or since entering into even semester you can carry more than 4 backlogs..!!?. Kindly let me know the eligibility criteria.. Kindly respond asap

  29. Naveen

    Hi i am lateral entry student(diploma), i.e last year i joined 3rd sem and i got YB. But my USN starts with 1**15cs410, is this applicable for me?

  30. Sri

    I have a doubt I have 6 back (no critical subject )I won’t be able to attend one so if I clear 2 in remaining 5 will I still be eligible? ?

  31. Pralesh

    Is it only for belagavi region?OR applies for Bangalore region too??

  32. punith

    Hey bro, please reply to my comment. It will help 1000’s of others also.
    what is the eligibility criteria. I should not have any critical subject and I should not have more than 4 backlogs from previous year.
    Or should we clear all our subjects this sem itself to get eligibility

  33. Anonymous

    Is this applicable fr PG courses like MCA?? Please reply bro… Will be waiting fr your reply.

  34. 123

    shravan Kumar any idea that when will be the exam ?after attending the special classes

  35. Anonymous

    Is this year back system is applicable for mca students???

  36. mohammed

    Thank u soo much shravan

  37. mohammed

    Thanks to shravan ,nsui and congress party to support students

  38. jayanth

    is it valid for b.arch 2009 batch students???

  39. Anonymous

    Plz tell me what are eligiblility rules

  40. Anonymous

    should i clear all subjects or only critical subject?

  41. Boot Amin

    Hey brother I got a query. Is it necessary to attend all the exams or attending some and getting eligibility is the main deal?

  42. sachin

    my usn-4mh12cs***
    is this applicable for me as well plz kindly reply me

  43. PPP

    thanks shravan for all the time to time really helped us a lot…can u clear my doubts like always u do…..having 5 subjects back in 6th sem…shud i clear all 5 to get eligibilty?? and in the circular it s written dat d course comences from 26-12-16..but v have exams…wat to do??and that form..wen shud v fill d form n give..wen is d last date??
    thank u in advance…😊

  44. Shwetha

    Why are college authority telling dat the news is fake?

    • Viju

      Same here our colleges are telling it’s fake

  45. Anonymous

    Guys in our college still notificstion is not there

  46. Karan

    Hello Shravan,

    I took admission in 2014 under 2014 scheme. I got year back twice as I had more than 4 backlogs, first time in June 2015 and the second time in June 2016. I want to know whether I’ll be eligible for 3rd sem if I gain eligibility this time, i.e. December 2016??

  47. Anonymous

    Please tell me is it applicable for architecture too ??

  48. Gunashree

    Hi. Am now in 5th sem and I have 2 backlogs in 4th sem and am a 2010 scheme student …. If the 4th sem subjects doesn’t clear means…. Is year back system is their or what please ans me am fully worried about this please

  49. Shwetha

    Pls reply y r the college ppl telling this news is fake

  50. Gunashree

    Hai. Am a 2010 scheme student and now am in 5th sem and I have 2 backlogs in 4th sem…. If now the 4th sem subjects doesn’t cleared means the year back is their or not their please ans me am fully worried about this please

  51. Mohith

    Bro I got detained this semester because of shortage of attendance
    Does it apply for me
    Can I attend the crash course thing and save an year?

  52. Anonymous

    I have eleven backs but writing six..Five would be left ..A. I eligible?

  53. Vinayak

    Bro im 2010 scheem student i have 3 backlogs frm 3rd &4th sem is there can i enter d 7th sem??

  54. Anuja

    Shravani is it applicable for 2014 architecture batch ???

  55. Vignesh

    during exam time hw will they conduct crash course…. And within 7 weeks we have to study 6sub 2 lab 3 internals records……. Don’t know whats it

  56. Anonymous

    Admin it didn’t announced officially in vtu website

  57. manu

    This circulation didn’t reached college and not announced officially, today is already 24 th according to circular class starts from 26 th but it didn’t circulated how it implement

    • kunal

      But vtu just announced officially .chek vtu website

  58. Unlucky Cbcs guy

    cbcs students should better die

  59. Anonymous

    Totally confused not able to concentrate on exams no one is answering nor confirmation

  60. kunal

    thank u shravan

  61. Shikhar

    i humbly thank you for this effort that has bear this fruit.but i would like to ask you to please explain the eligibility criteria since thats the most confusing term her right now…is it jus 4 subs back log to max or is critical must be passed too…thank you…will be looking forward to reply

  62. Anyonamus

    Did anyone from MCA confirmed about this with their college??

  63. Rakesh

    Thank u soo much for ur efforts, n we r happy by ths news n ppl who r all in protest n struggled for the Justice thank u soo much guys ….

  64. Abhilash V Khot

    Only for this year or for whole engg course .But module system has too heavy portion the professors also cannot complete it ,they completed only 3.5 m and there is no gaps between the exam days one one day they gave it’s too heavy and haptic for the module system students .WE ALSO WANT UNIT SYSTEM .

  65. Ravi

    Shravan,I’d like to thank you for keeping us informed and updated regularly regarding this matter.
    It was a great help.
    If you don’t mind, could you inform us the process of how to make that undertaking in a stamp paper for the affidavit.
    Thankyou once again.

  66. Viresh

    Why not it’s applicable for the c b S c students ????. Whter all the students under c b S c should have to commit suicide??? Bro ans me
    I’m 2015th batch 2**15me*** ???????

  67. Viresh

    Bro, why only for the 2006-10?????
    Why not for the 2015 c b S c year back students
    We are also have a yb then y not for us??? Ans plz bro shravan Kumar bro……

  68. Viresh

    It’s an injustice for cbsc students

  69. Viresh

    Why only for 2014 &why not for the cbsc students …………… The most injustice for us ………

  70. Viresh

    V t u must have to give this opportunity for c b S c students

  71. Viresh

    To Vtu Voice chancellor
    I request u to give this opportunity for cbsc students, they all were going loose a year .
    So plzzz sir
    It’s an humble request to u

  72. manu

    That circular that is posted by vtu didn’t given any clear information I am little scared u read the circular and tell it properly to us plzzz

  73. Gk

    Guys check out in official website its been announced! and guess what it has been extended to 2014 batch and also b.arch stundents! even we can’t blame college staffs coz the signature of registrar be dated 24th so they might be uninformed about circular
    Last but not the least SHRAVAN KUMAR like mythology who stood with blind parents you stood with the students who were in dark I wudnt have taken this sem seriously as simple had another go during in june if u had not informed early like intelligence agency THANK YOU n all the best for everyone do well rock n save a year! People I liked this year-end are one is Shravan and other is pratham! cheers

  74. Gk

    Guys I wud juz try to ease your doubts in my perspective
    Eligibility – Means u Shud’nt have backlogs of 2nd year if u have to enter final year and u shud’nt have backlogs of 1 year if u have to enter 3rd year meanwhile u can carry nly 4 subjects of 3rd year if have to enter final and u can carry only 4 subjects 2nd year if u are to enter 3rd year
    Dear cbcs students the reason why they doing it for nly other schemes coz the other scheme students are given marks based percentile while u guys getting grade based cgpa so If other scheme students join you for the 3rd year or final year later years then its not feasible for them to mix both so vtu is playing safe and are still not student friendly

  75. Madhan

    Why not for cbcs scheme students……. Pls reply me or give clarification.

  76. Ss

    Injustice for 3rd sem cbcs students, keerthi sir has said all cbcs 3rd sem students to come to nsui office on monday,for more details contact nsui state secreatery keerthi sir..

  77. Avinash Kumar

    When did vtu take 5th semester exam.of this crash course ..??Bcz it’s a very good news for ous bt we have to think we should score more marks so that we can eligible for placement criteria also ..And if they take 5th 6th exam simentounsly then it’s quite difficult so we have to know the of 5th semester ..So that we make plan sechudle and all…Please rply

  78. anonymous

    did anyone confirm about removal of yearback system for MCA in their college???

  79. anonymously 1

    Hi, some please tell that we should attend class now in holidays from Jan to 12th Feb for 5th and 7th sem…. Please reply

  80. Anyonamus

    did anyone confirm about removal of yearback system for MCA in their college???

  81. Anonymous

    Guys wt abt fees. In our they are asking us to pay half the fees

  82. Anonymous

    will this year back cancellation scheme will applicable and continue for the higher semester i.e 7th sem

  83. cbcs students

    many of our seniors r like ” i dont want to attend extra classes and shit “. really vtu gave this rule for wrongs students

  84. Goutham

    Bro wt if we won’t get eligibility in current dec2016/jan2017 exams….? Little confused with this pls help me

  85. Ss

    All the vtu students come to nsui office on Friday 30 th December to support cbcs students to get crash

  86. Saniya

    Hey when is the last date to submit affidavit….plss tell me

  87. Akshata

    How t contact u sharvan t get study materials? Pls do rply

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