Official declaration and circular by VTU regarding yearback and critical yearback cancellation

Hey guys,
Sorry if I’m interrupting your studies or putting a mild pressure with one more post, but I really have to write this as this is going to be something which you should obviously listen to.
I know how it feels to get scolding from parents for getting year back and how society looks towards year back students. You must have fed up with this education system.
So what are you thinking to do?
Shall I give you some relief?
No year back this semester if you get passed in this exams.
Yes! You read it right. No year back this semester if you get passed, I repeat, we have got official circular regarding Same.

It’s official, official, official.

You wanna see?
Here you go.






Just get passed somehow and get eligibility, you are good to attend classes from next semester.

Yes, you can attend classes from next semester with your friends.
That means you never had an year back at all.
Does that sound good?
1. Does it apply for me if I’m from CBCS scheme?
Oh dear, I know your frustration, but nah. It’s not applicable for CBCS scheme. I’m really sorry.
2. Does it apply for me if I’m from 2014 batch?
Yes! Good news for you. It applies for 2014 batch as students from 2014 batch will come under 2010 only.
3. Can I attend if I pass and get eligibility in this exams?
Obviously you can. But you should get eligibility somehow. At any cost.
Else you can’t.
4. Does it apply for both year back and critical students?
Yes, it does apply for both.
5. Is it official? Can I believe this?
Well, if you don’t believe this, I can’t do anything, I can’t convince either.
6. What should I do now?
Soon, I will update an application form, you guys should fill that and submit to your colleges, but at this moment don’t worry, still ample of time is there.
So go study.

CONCLUSION: Thanks for all the hate and abusive comments from past few weeks that I’m providing fake news and trying to make money.
At least now, can you see it?
Some guys said that they filed case on us, please proceed with it, we want to see you guys in court 😂😂😂
After all these mishaps. I just wanna say one thing to all of you guys,
VTUsouls is created for students like you and created by students like you.
We are not doing it for money, we are not spreading fake news. Rely on us. We are doing it cause we don’t want students to suffer. If this post brought a little confidence and smile on your face, our efforts have paid. That is enough.
Tell your parents that you will not get year back again and show them this update. Bring a smile on their face too.
Share the post and let everyone know about it.

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  1. Ss

    Injustice for 3rd sem cbcs students, keerthi sir has said all cbcs 3rd sem students to come to nsui office on monday,for more details contact nsui state secreatery keerthi sir..

  2. Avinash Kumar

    When did vtu take 5th semester exam.of this crash course ..??Bcz it’s a very good news for ous bt we have to think we should score more marks so that we can eligible for placement criteria also ..And if they take 5th 6th exam simentounsly then it’s quite difficult so we have to know the exam.date of 5th semester ..So that we make plan sechudle and all…Please rply

  3. anonymous

    did anyone confirm about removal of yearback system for MCA in their college???

  4. anonymously 1

    Hi, some please tell that we should attend class now in holidays from Jan to 12th Feb for 5th and 7th sem…. Please reply

  5. Anyonamus

    did anyone confirm about removal of yearback system for MCA in their college???

  6. Anonymous

    Guys wt abt fees. In our they are asking us to pay half the fees

  7. Anonymous

    will this year back cancellation scheme will applicable and continue for the higher semester i.e 7th sem

  8. cbcs students

    many of our seniors r like ” i dont want to attend extra classes and shit “. really vtu gave this rule for wrongs students

  9. Goutham

    Bro wt if we won’t get eligibility in current dec2016/jan2017 exams….? Little confused with this pls help me

  10. Ss

    All the vtu students come to nsui office on Friday 30 th December to support cbcs students to get crash

  11. Saniya

    Hey when is the last date to submit affidavit….plss tell me

  12. Akshata

    How t contact u sharvan t get study materials? Pls do rply

  13. Thanu

    When will vtu conducts crash class exams plz do reply

  14. Anonymous

    Plz make eligible for every students if dey r not getting eligible den der vl b useful of chnging dis rules



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