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Engineering careers for VTU students has opened up.

Howdy VTU souls!
Just another weekend of relief is over and here comes another daily routine!

Hope you are enjoyed your weekend. And we have a big news about recent changes took place in Engineering careers for VTU students.
Well, after a lot mishaps from Vishveshwarayya technological university recently including VTU vice chancellor scams finally students from varsity is seeing a ray of hope. Technological giant Japan has came forward to hire 40,000 Engineers from VTU quoting it’s online question paper delivery system is remarkable and adaptable in every education sector and this has also impressed the delegates to hire 40,000 Engineering students. This created a virality in students and has opened a huge Engineering careers option for thousands of students.
Recently 10 reputed dedicates from silver peak firm of Japan government visited VTU campus to make sure how system actually works and also Japan government signed Mou (Memorandum of understanding) with VTU on March 20 for accepting online question paper delivery system in Japan which indeed is leak proof and safest of all.
And also delegates are interested to hire 40,000 engineers especially from VTU in phase manner, once the candidates selective process and recruitment is done, recruited candidates will be given 1 year training at Japan. By observing these gradual changes in Engineering careers filed higher education minister T.B.Jayachandra has Shown keen interest in this recruitment process and assured of providing all types of support on behalf of Karnataka state government.
This mass hiring from silver peak has created sensation in thousands of Engineering students since most of the Engineering students are now a days either job-less or working in non-related niches this Engineering careers option could be a life saver for many.
Representative of silver peak meeting minister said

Since several reputed engineering colleges are located in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka, we are keen on hiring engineers from here.

The company officials also said the Japan will also hire about 4 lakh nurses to take care of ageing people in Japan.Since There is a plenty of demand for plumbers, electricians, welders, and mechanics in Japan.
The process of recruitment will be as follows:
*As many as 40,000 engineers will be hired and trained by Japanese tech giants for 1 year.
*The recruitment process will be done in different stages including many aptitude of technical rounds.
*After the candidate selection is over over, the selected candidates will be given one-year-training in Japan.
*Learning Japanese language would be the main criteria for getting selected.
*Soon, they will also start hiring process of four lakh nurses to work for old people in Japan.

Source: India today

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    When and where it will be conducted….?

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    I’m 6th sem student CSE I ve 3rdsem subject back DMS 10cs34 …on the same day I ve regular subject please please can u modify the date of 3rd subject please sir ….can u send time table to this mail [email protected]

  3. Sanjay s Madaginal

    good to hear this bro…and from which year they will start this process bro..i mean 40,000 students hiring process???

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