Everything you need to know about VTU crash course and accelerated semester

These are the normal questions which might be hindering you. I have seen many guys asking their doubts via comments and I couldn’t answer all of them. So I tried to answer all questions from what I have known so far.

Go through these and in case of any doubts and dilemmas, please contact your college examination centre or VTU help line for more details.
1. Does it applicable to 2014 batch students?
Yes, it does applicable to 2014 batch students as they also come under 2010 batch from 3rd semester. SO THIS IS APPLICABLE TO 2014 BATCH STUDENTS TOO.

2. Does it applicable for both year back and critical year back students?
Yes, it is applicable for both year back and critical year back students who already lost one year and writing exams in this December seeking the admission for next academic year. So the catch here is you should already got year back by more than 5 subjects or critical subjects, you are eligible to this crash course only if you clear those backlogs.

3. I have more than 5 backlogs, should I clear all 5 backlogs or just 1 backlogs to get eligibility?
Well, to get eligibility you should clear just 1 backlog, but to stay safer side, try to clear all backlogs.

4. I have both critical subjects as well as more than 5 backlogs, how many backlogs should I clear?
To get eligibility?

 You should not have even one critical subject and more than 4 normal backlogs.

5. When should I submit the application form?
Since the circular has not reached all the colleges, there is still ample of time and do not worry about this as of now. I will update this soon. At this moment your priority is about passing the backlogs and getting eligibility.

6. My exam dates are shuffling with crash course, what should I do?
You don’t have to worry about this, the schedule is tentative and you can easily attend exams as well as crash course. Even if you absent for crash course for few days and attend the examination, there will be no problem.

7. My college officials saying that the circular is fake, what should I do?
You don’t have to worry about the circular as this is posted in official website. So please wait till it reaches all Engineering colleges all over Karnataka and it won’t take more than a day or two.

8. Where should I download the application form to submit to my college?
As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about this, I will upload the application form soon. Or you can download below image and get a printed copy.image

9. Due to some personal issues I may not be able to write examinations, what should I do?
We are sorry but VTU is strictly not allowing the students who are not attending this examinations. You should write this examinations at any cost and get eligibility.

10. Does this applicable for only this year or for next year also?
This is the most asked question so far. But this system is exclusively applicable only for this year as the students approached VC and NSUI brought all these changes. So do not expect this is to happen again.

11. Does this applicable for students studying MCA, MBA and CBCS scheme under VTU?
This is not applicable. We are sorry. But applicable to B.Arch.

12. How much is the fee for crash course?
This is not primary concern as they will decide only after you get eligibility. UNTIL THEN YOU CAN ATTEND CRASH COURSE.

13. Does this applicable to B.Arch students?
Yes, it does applicable to B.Arch students too.

I hope your doubts are clear now. Else comment below, I will answer it.

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  1. madhu

    When crash course exam conducted?

    • deepika.R

      tell me please sir

  2. Bharath

    I didnt applied my affidavit form still because of health issue nw what I hve to do fr attending crash course

  3. deepika.R

    sir please tell me I dint submit my affidavit from still wat to do now please tell me sir

  4. Kartik

    Can you please tell me when ll be the examination held for the crash courses?

  5. Ruksar

    sir plz say when is result for crash course plz do reply

    • Anonymous

      next week

  6. Anonymous

    If I get eligibility to crash course but I do not want to enter this year due to personal reasons, then is it compulsory ?

  7. ganesh

    Hellow sir is Der any fees for crash cource

  8. Anonymous

    When are the exams conducted????

  9. Anonymous

    When crash course exams conducted sir pls tell me..

  10. Ibrahim

    To get eligible we are waiting for the results.
    When was Crash course results plz answer for this sir

  11. Vinayak

    Hello sir we r waiting fr…result wn d result ll came…..plz send as possible as soon….. Plz plz plz

  12. sonu

    Pls sir announce the crash course results

  13. sonu

    Pls sir in our CLG lab exams are taken so pls announce the 3 rd seem crash course results sir….in that lab exam we are not attending that exams because of we are waiting results… Pls u inform the our CLG don’t take the lab exams ..

  14. sonu

    Hello shravan sir give at least one reply sir pls pls

  15. praveen

    please provide for each subjects minimum 2 days holiday other wise it’s difficult to face crash course exam…

  16. Raghu

    Sir I’m 2015 pass out, I have one subject left, can I attend it now? Please reply

  17. Shruti

    When are the results?

  18. Nagaraj

    Excuse me sir, when will u conduct examination of crash course…

  19. Anonymous

    Is revalaution is thier for crash courses
    Pls reply today itself

    • Anonymous

      Yes. U can apply for reevaluation. But it ll take too much of time. So think.

  20. Dinesh

    sir , I got eligible to entre next semester after getting crash course result…!!! how fees I need pay to the college for this semester…??? whether I have to pay full fee amount or any consision in that ???

  21. Anonymous

    Sir, I am a passed out student of 2011 batch with 2 subjects backlog(5th and 7th). Can I apply for crash course.?

  22. shwetha

    actually I.saw there is a supplementary exam fa 2010 scheme is that true n
    when is the crashcourse exam n supple exam coz I hav m4 back ….again I’ll get criti r can I write supple…pls reply

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