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VTU results will be delayed this time.

The latest news about the crash course, rescheduling of examinations, as well as recent changes in VTU valuation system, is entirely amazed the students as these changes are going to make a huge bump in the varsity’s

VTU crash course results and new updates

Updates regarding VTU crash course results and final call to enrol names. VTU crash course results will be announced soon as students opted for crash course are awaiting to get eligibility for crash course. As VTU quoted

VTU postponed the examinations

UPDATE: Here is VTU Rescheduled exam time table 2016-17. Hey guys, if you have prepared already for tomorrow’s examinations and shovelling answers to your brains one by one, hold on for a while! VTU has postponed the

Last date to apply for crash course

ALERT: TOMORROW IS THE LAST DATE TO APPLY FOR CRASH COURSE. Tomorrow is the last date to apply for crash course, I think most of you guys already submitted the both forms in your colleges. If not,

How to apply for VTU crash course

Howdy VTU souls! So many guys were confused regarding the steps to be followed in order to apply for VTU crash course. Here is the pattern you should follow to apply. The fore most thing to be
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